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Survival money, or emergency currency in your wallet!  You can purchase coin holders here, add coins, and sell at a profit, which is a nice side gig!

A coin dealer was lamenting the price of bitcoin, vs the price of tangible assets such as 90% silver coins.  He wanted to create the silver coin set holder.   Our experience with 3D printing allowed us to prototype the design, and the final design is an injected molded plastic.

Silver coin set holders provide a convenient way to hold 90% silver coins.  Silver dimes, quarters, and 50 cent pieces are more difficult to trade than a silver dollar.   And this site provides value for different dates of coins.

These coins are limited in supply, similar to bitcoin, hence they will hold their value.   We do not expect the extreme valuations of cryptocurrency or bitcoin, but the value should be more stable, and hence is a great emergency currency to have in your wallet.

Silver coin sets are a valid replacement for bitcoin, with the same limited quantity, but they are US government coins, and there is a limited supply.   Also, the valuation allows the coin set to be used in transactions.

These plastic holders are sold directly to the public for use in their collections.   

Collect and store them all!   Save your money from inflation!  Collect all the years, remember some years have more value.

A silver coin set contains a dime, quarter, and 50 cent piece of the same year, all 90% silver.

Why is it called Junk Silver?

These coins are circulated, meaning they were used for purchasing items.  This is also called "Survival" silver.   These coins were used thousands of times, and hence have wear and tear.   Survival or junk silver does not have a coin rating.  Silver coin sets provide value to junk silver.

What is Emergency Currency?  What is Survival Currency?

Many people only use credit cards, and do not carry cash.  A silver coin set can be carried with your credit cards, hence you will always have survival or emergency currency, in case the unthinkable happens.

A silver coin set is like a life boat on the Titanic.  Hopefully you never need it in your pocket, but if you do, it is a life saver.

Does the coin holder have silver in it?
This site sells holders, no silver coins are sold here.    The coin holder is plastic, it does not have any silver content.

Coin Dealers / Coin Shops

Contact us for bulk orders and potential discounts!

collectible coin shop

How can silver coin shops make a profit?

Resellers can purchase the plastic holders here, load the coins, then sell the set for great profits.

Is selling silver a good side gig?

Yes, anyone can buy the coin holders in bulk for resale.  Just purchase coins and sell the set to silver stackers, or sell online.  Silver stackers do not normally have time to fill out their own collections.  


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This site is selling coin set holders only. No coins are sold here.