Silver Coin Set Current Value Terms
  • Retail value is the monetary value in US dollars, for use in commerce.
  • Year is an entry box to change the year, assuming it a set of one year.  After entering year, click calculate.
  • Premium is the amount to add for your area.   Some areas have a high premium on silver.
  • Calculate is a button to recalculate based on a year or Premium.
  • Retail value is duplicated from above, it is the monetary value in US dollars.
  • Wholesale value is the amount you can expect to receive from a coin shop, or in trade.  This includes any collectible or Numismatic value.
  • Silver value is the value of the silver in the coins at spot price.
  • Silver Spot price is the silver spot for one ounce of silver, which was used for the above calculations.
Random coin value: This is the same as wholesale value of non-matching silver coin sets, if years do not match- Wholesale value is based on the weight of silver and the collectable value
Face Value: 85 cents.

Another value metric is a silver coin set is 80% of the value of either a silver dollar or a silver eagle.

A Silver Coin Set Includes:

    Three coins
        Same Year
        One 50 cent piece
        One Quarter
        One Dime
    Plastic holder
    These are Junk* 90% silver coins
        Years 1922** to 1964
               Reasons silver coin sets have value different value is scarcity of different years.

**Reasons silver coin sets have value different value is scarcity of different years
  • Emergency Currency
    • Easy to Carry
  • Survival Currency
    • Easy to store
  • Collectible Currency
  • Collection value will grow
    • Silver value will probably increase with inflation
    • Cannot be confiscated (it is based on government currency)
    • From year 2000 to 2020, 90% silver increased from $4 to $20: 500% (25% per year)
  • Great Christmas or Birthday gifts
  • Silver is a low cost investment
  •           Probably the lowest cost investment as of now
  •           Probably the best value play as of now
  •           One of the few ways to invest small sums
  • Great investment for the masses
    • Silver is Cryto or Bitcoin for the masses
    • Silver is poor man's Gold
  • Similar to Bitcoin
    • There is a limited supply
    • Is not tracked
    • Does not use power to generate
    • Does not require a password
    • Can be used by anyone, no account is required
    • Is a US currency
  • Better than Bitcoin
    • Underlying currency cannot be changed
    • For example, there are thousands of crytos
    • There is a finite number of 90% silver coins
  • Great for "End Game Investors"
  • It is Patriotic
    • Silver is needed for a country's manufacturing base
  • Great for those the do not understand Modern Economic Theory
    • And for those that do....
  • 90% silver coins weigh less than a regular silver coin, due to wear
  • Wear can account for a 10% reduction in silver (or more)

Comparative valuations*

Silver Dollar Value

  • Morgan dollars are equal to one oz of silver
  • Peace dollars are equal to 1.25 oz of silver

Silver Coin Set Comparative value

  • Normal year Silver coin set equal to 75% of silver dollar cost
  • Medium rare year sets are equal to price of Morgan silver dollars
  • Rare year sets are equal to the cost of Peace silver dollars
*Obviously, these are starting points, and everything is negotiable.


How much silver in a ninety percent (90%) silver coin set?
Silver dollar: 0.7794 oz of silver
Two silver half dollars: 0.7234 oz of silver
Silver coin set is 85 cents, so .85 of two 50 cent pieces, or 0.61489 oz of silver
Why invest in a silver coin set?
The dimes, quarters and 50 cent pieces do not have the collectible value of a silver dollar, but if all three are collected with the same year, it does have collectible value, and is easier to trade.

What years minted junk silver coins?

What is Junk silver?
*Junk means no collectible value, it is not a numismatic coin.  The value of the coin is primarily the silver value

What is the 90% silver coin price before 1922?
Coins minted before 1922 might have more value, please check with your local coin shop

What years are 90% silver coins made?
Ninety percent silver coins are years 1892 to 1964

Coin set value:  The value is based on the price of silver and then a collectible "multiplier'.    A person can purchase 90% silver on ebay or other sources, and then make the sets.
Some years are more rare than others, which makes them more valuable.

This site sells holders, no coins are sold here. 

What will happen if there is deflation?
Deflation is normally the deflation of assets that have loans on them, such as real estate.   Assets such as silver will skyrocket in that type of deflationary environment.


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