The coins are "loose fit" so they pop out of the coin set holder easily.   The wallet holds the coins in place

Razored design allows coin set to slip into a person's wallet easily.

It is normally shipped in sets of four, because that fits into an envelope.  Coin dealers can order larger quantities.

Made from 100% recycled plastic

Designed and made in USA.  100% USA.


Examples of NFT:

A silver coin set is an example of a fungible item, it can be interchanged with other items of the same value.

A silver coin set is NOT a "Non Fungible Token" (NFT).   If it was available, an NFT would be a block chain holding one specific coin set, and transferring would be selling that specific set (via blockchain transaction).   Also, a silver coin set is physical silver, vs a NFT is not physical, or at least is a non physical representation of the object.

Downsides or issues with silver coin sets
1. These are junk silver coins, sometimes the circumference of the coin can be smaller, due to wear.   In this case, the coin might be a little loose in the holder
2. As coins wear, the weight becomes lower hence there is less silver in the coin.
3. There is a potential for fake silver coins, but the videos page has information on how to spot them.


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