Definitions of types of currency

Physical currency is currency that can be held in your hand, or has a physical presence, examples are:

1. Paper money

2. Coins

Emergency Currency is something that would be used in an emergency, examples are:

1 Currency that you hide away, for example some money that you hide in your boat, in case it is needed on the water.

2. Currency that is stored away for an emergency, such as a rainy day fund.

Survival Currency examples are

1. Precious metals, which formerly were used as currency, but now are needed in cases of survival

    a. Silver coin sets

2. food

3. water

4. ammunition

5. medicine

6. items that can be traded for survival

Futures contracts

Futures contracts can be traded or used as currency.   For example in the Tulip mania of 1634-1637, tulip futures were traded as money, sometimes futures contracts were traded for land.  One really interesting theory on tulip mania is: "the system failed due to nobody showing up for a futures auction due to the black plague in the area".

Digital currency is all forms of internet based currency.  

Digital currency examples are:

1. Central bank currency online  (A country's central bank issues online currency)

2. Virtual currency, which includes Crypto currency and centralized currency (no block chain)

  a. Crypto currency, which is the decentralized type of Virtual currency, utilizing blockchain technology
  b. Centralized Virtual currency would be when a currency has to electronically hit a server to determine value

There are 10s of thousands of Crypto currencies, with more coming online all the time.   This is a list of the silver based cryopto currencies that are online now.

Silver based crypto list:

Silver Coin
Redeemable, not a crypto that goes to the moon, based on and redeemable for silver

Silver Link
One gram .999 silver, contract is purchased when tokens are purchased online

Silver token
1 to 1 ratio of investment grade bullion, redeemable for silver, based on silver price.

AWS tokens
Each AWS token is backed by, and redeemable for 1 gram of 99.9% LBMA-accredited silver, held in fully insured and audited vaults.   https://aurus.io/

CannDollar ( CDAG )
A silver-backed digital currency,  , one of the top 3 European crypto exchanges. Their advertising states it offers liquidity, intrinsic value and a safe-haven for currencies.  CDAG is a digital representation of the one pure 99.99% pure troy ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin.
ERC20 blockchain, Platform is LATOKEN (European exchange)

Each AGX Coin represents a one (1) gram weight and measure of vaulted and verifiable silver bullion held in the LODE Reserves.   Lode holds both gold and silver.  https://lode.one


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